Solano Family Children's Services

Governor Newsome Signs SB 234!

There is much to celebrate as this new law makes sure that unnecessary barriers are removed from providers who would like to expand from a small to large family child care home or start a new large family child care home; and it also provides housing protections for all family child care home providers!
Nearly 40 years ago, California recognized the importance of family child care when the Legislature established protections for family child care homes in communities through the Child Day Care Facilities Act (CDCFA). But the law has not kept pace with our needs, and loopholes have caused uneven application by cities, burdensome local regulations, and a lack of housing protections. SB 234 will update the law by:
  • Requiring local governments to treat large family child care homes the same as small family child care homes – as a residential use of property in their local ordinances;
  • Clarifying that licensed family child care homes may operate in apartments and other multifamily units while maintaining state fire and licensing safety requirements;
  • Clarifying housing protections so providers are not prohibited from living in a home solely because they care for children;
  • Clarifying that family child care providers may seek remedies under the Fair Employment and Housing Act if their rights under the CDCFA are disregarded.