Solano Family Children's Services

Programs and Funding Sources

Subsidized Child Care Programs

SFCS administers several programs which help low-income families pay for their child care costs. The goal of these programs is to promote health, growth, education, and care of children while their parents work, look for work, or go to school.

We do not take care of children in our facility; instead parents are responsible for choosing their own child care provider. The care must be done by qualified Licensed Child Care Home/Center Providers, License-Exempt/TrustLined Providers, or In-Home Care Providers. Payments are made directly to the provider.

Under most situations, families must be income-eligible (visit CA Department of Education for Schedule of Income Ceilings for Child Care and Development Programs  for income ceilings); and based on their income and family size, some must pay a Family Fee to their provider. If the provider charges more than we can reimburse them, based on the Regional Market Rate Ceilings (visit CA Department of Education for Reimbursement Ceilings for Subidized Child Care  for Regional Market Rate Survey’s), the parent is responsible for paying the provider the difference.

Children are eligible for services through 12 years of age. Children with special needs may be eligible through 21 years of age.

CalWORKs Child Care Program (No Waiting)

The CalWORKs program serves currently/formerly TANF Cash-Aided families. There are three stages to this program, each of them having different eligibility requirements. We move families through the stages relatively smoothly, and without interruption to services when possible. Currently TANF Cash-Aided families must have their child care authorized by their County CalWORKs Worker, through a Child Care Authorization to SFCS.

CalWORKs Child Care Program Charts

General Child Care Program (Usually a Waiting Period)

SFCS also runs the California Alternative Payment Program (CAPP) for low-income families in Solano County who do not qualify for the CalWORKs program. Families must apply for services through the Solano Centralized Eligibility List (SCEL), which is also maintained by SFCS. Most state-funded subsidized child care programs in Solano County use the SCEL to identify the neediest families in their service area. Parents only need to complete one SCEL application to have access to subsidized child care services throughout the county.

General Child Care Program Chart


Our Mission

Solano Family & Children’s Services promotes and advocates for the well-being of children, their families, and child care providers by offering access to a variety of child care resources.