Solano Family Children's Services

New Due Day of Child Care Attendance Forms

Starting January 2020, the new weekly due day for us to receive your CCAFs, will be Tuesdays instead of Mondays.  This means you will have an extra day to get your CCAFs to us.  The reimbursement days will not change.  Your reimbursements will continue to be issued on Wednesdays, whether we are mailing you a check or sending your reimbursements via Direct Deposit to your bank.

Although we issue your reimbursements on Wednesdays, it is not in our control when you actually receive the check or direct deposit.  Most banks make your funds available 24-48 hours after receiving the transfer, when you choose direct deposit.  Paper checks may take longer to get to you, and you run the risk of the check being lost in the mail.  This is why we highly encourage direct deposit vs paper checks, but it is your choice as to which you prefer.