Financial Help With Child Care

Solano Eligibility List (SEL)

Families who have never received TANF/Cash Aid, or have been off TANF for more than 24 months, but are in need of help with paying for child care can be listed on the SEL. The SEL is an internet based database (waiting list) of families needing child care assistance in Solano County. Families are ranked on the SEL by eligibility factors (income, family size, and need), not just how long they have been waiting on the list.

Many subsidized child care programs such as State Child Development Centers, Head Start, and other state subsidized child care programs use the SEL to enroll families who qualify for their programs. When a program has an opening, the SEL is used to identify the most eligible family in the service delivery area and the opening is offered to that family. If you are pulled from the SEL, you will have to go through that particular program’s application process, and qualify for services under their program guidelines.

Unfortunately, there are more families in need of help with child care than there is money available. Because funding is limited for all programs, some families may be listed on the SEL for a very long time, and others may be chosen rather quickly based on their individual circumstances.

To be listed on the SEL, you can complete an application online at

or you may print and complete the application by clicking on the link below and send it to the address listed on the application. If you have a question about the SEL, or need to update your application, you can contact the SEL Clerical Assistant at 707-864-4640.

SEL English – Application 05/18

SEL Spanish – Application 11/09

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