Child Care Provider Resources

Technical Assistance

We offer technical assistance that is directly related to providing child care, parenting and related services. If we are not able to help you, we offer Internet Resources that may help you with questions or concerns related to specific issues of parenting or child development.

SFCS offers technical assistance to community members who are interested in becoming a licensed provider, want to enhance or develop their child care business as well as providing support to adults who are providing exempt child care to one family’s child or children.

We can offer consultation over the phone, in person and through topics during our quarterly schedule of educational workshops. We offer resources of books and videos to borrow from our on-site lending library, as well as referrals to community partners for specific technical support in the areas of business, health and special needs.

SFCS is an active community participant in organizations and councils that can be a helpful resource to our agency and our clients. If we do not have the information you are seeking, we will prove resources that may meet your needs.

Our Mission

Solano Family & Children’s Services promotes and advocates for the well-being of children, their families, and child care providers by offering access to a variety of child care resources.