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Licensed Child Care Provider Update

If you are a licensed family child care or center provider that is listed in our database, the following form is a convenient way for you to update or change your listing.

Solano Family & Children’s Services works to keep child care provider’s records up-to-date and accurate. Families request a wide variety of child care each day. This form is provided for you to update any changes in your child care business whenever it is convenient to you. Please use this section to update any changes in your services with us.

Providers Update




Please list the age span.
Please let us know if there have been any changes to your services, or if there is something you'd like for us to be aware of (i.e. different hours on the weekends, availability to transport to/from a child's home or after school activities in addition with children who have special needs, etc.).
This online information will be used by Resources for Child Caring for child care referral purposes
only. The information will not be forwarded to any other child care referral service.

Our Mission

Solano Family & Children’s Services promotes and advocates for the well-being of children, their families, and child care providers by offering access to a variety of child care resources.